Welcome to Camden, Pennsylvania

photo by: Gavin Bethell (@gshotpictures)

In the ultimate showdown of Philadelphia vs. New Jersey, the matchup between DJ Wagner and Camden High School and Justin Edwards and Imhotep High School was an instant classic. With three Kentucky commits in the same game, this collision between two high school powerhouse was for all the ultimate bragging rights. By the end of the game, the team who took those bragging rights was Camden, who won 60-57.

Throughout the second half, DJ Wagner proved why he should still be considered the best player in the country. Scoring most of his 22 points in the second half, Wagner was able to elude double and triple teams constantly to get to the rim and put pressure on the defense. Guard Cian Medley also played a huge role for Camden as well as he added 13 points with numerous possessions of controlling the pace and getting everyone involved.

For Imhotep, the trio of Edwards, Ahmad Powell, and Rahmir Bruno combined for 53 of the team’s 57 points. Bruno, a Florida Gulf Coast commit, was a big factor for Imhotep as he wowed the crowd with his ball handling ability and finishes at the rim. As for Edwards, he scored 16 points, including a ferocious putback dunk that kept the lead to one late in the fourth quarter.

This was a big win for Camden, as this will bring them up on national rankings. For Wagner, he proved that no player in the country can rise up to the level that he can. His will to win along with skill just sets him apart from everyone else, and now the entire nation is aware of this