Summit's Strategic Defense Shuts Down Seton Hall Prep

In the dynamic and high-stakes encounter between Seton Hall Prep Pirates and Summit Hilltoppers, the action unfolded with strategic gameplay which featured a ton of great defensive plays. Seton Hall Prep initiated the first goal on the day as Tyler Juhlin set out to get the offense going. However, the Hilltoppers matched the energy, tying the game with a goal from Daniel Flaim and setting the stage for a tightly contested quarter. As the game continued Summit's McCeney broke the tie with a swift goal in the second quarter and later amplifying the lead with a pivotal score in the final seconds of the half. Summit held a 3-1 lead 

As the third quarter progressed, Seton Hall Prep's defense was impenetrable at times, yet their offense could not seize the opportunities to score. The Hilltoppers' goalie, Robbie Kievit showcased impressive skill, thwarting Seton Hall Prep's attempts to narrow the gap. Carter Shallcross and Lucas Kohaut added to the defensive onslaught with some key plays allowing Summit to control the tempo. The Hilltoppers eventually took full control and were able to score once again with another goal from Flaim that widened their lead to a three point margin. The game ended 4-1 and marked a significant win for the Summit Lacrosse program as they take down a top 10 opponent. 

The matchup demonstrated the importance of seizing the moment and maintaining control, with Summit's adept ball-handling and clock management proving decisive. The goalies, particularly Summit's, were instrumental, making game-changing saves that highlighted their pivotal role in lacrosse's fast-paced environment. The Hilltoppers advance to 5-2 on the year while the Pirates move to 2-5 with three out of state losses.