St. Joe's Wrestling Seal Victory in Non-Public A Semifinal Clash

The stage was set for a gripping evening of wrestling as #2 St. Joseph Regional took on #3 St. Peter's Prep in the Non-Public A semifinals. The match began with the 120-pound class where Mikey Bautista opened the scoring for St. Joseph with a strategic win.

Vincent Paino kept up the momentum, securing a narrow victory in a bout that had fans holding their breath until the final buzzer. With St. Joseph off to a strong start, Adrian DeJesus extended their lead with an assertive pin, showcasing the team's depth early on. The Green Knights started with a 12-0 lead. 

St. Peter's Prep started their comeback with Caedyn Ricciardi, Josh Piparo, and Jonathan Fuller all claiming victories in their respective matches, demonstrating that they were not going down without a fight. St. Peter's closed the gap with a score of 12-9.

The middleweight bouts continued to be a battleground with Frank DiBella of St. Joseph taking a decision to push their advantage.The intensity of the competition was palpable as Joseph Ruiz notched a win for St. Peter's Prep, keeping the pressure on. However, Ryan Burton's rapid pin in the 175-pound match was a highlight moment for St. Joseph, tipping the scales further in their favor.

As the evening progressed, AJ DiGiovanni and Kaleb Jackson added to the lead for St. Joseph with decisive victories. The final bouts of the evening saw a display of strength from Rocco Dellagatta with a pin, and a tactical win from Charles Esposito. The competition wrapped up with a forfeit at 113 pounds, clinching a hard-fought victory for St. Joseph.

The match ended with a final score of 40-18 as St. Joe's returns to Rutgers University to defend the Non-Public A Title against Delbarton once again.