Ridgewood Secures Commanding Win Over Pingry Top Ranked Lacrosse Matchup

photo by: Ella Eitner

The game commenced with a tightly contested first quarter where Pingry initially took the lead. Matthew Roughgarden, Ridgewood's goalkeeper, was exceptional, turning away numerous shots, including crucial saves in man-down situations, to keep his team within striking distance. Despite Pingry's offensive push, Ridgewood ended the quarter trailing by just one goal, 1-0.

Ridgewood's offense came alive in the second quarter, spearheaded by senior attackman Jack Schultz, who notched three goals and one assist throughout the game. Ridgewood gained momentum with consecutive goals, leveraging faceoff wins by Matthew Hogan to establish a 4-3 lead by halftime. Hogan's performance at the faceoff X was pivotal, winning crucial draws that translated into offensive opportunities.

Entering the second half with a narrow lead, Ridgewood extended their dominance on the field. Jack McCarthy and Charlie Merrick contributed significantly, each adding one goal and two assists. The team's defensive unit, anchored by Roughgarden's consistent saves, stifled Pingry's attackers, maintaining the lead and setting the stage for a victory. Ridgewood's ability to execute under pressure was evident as they outscored Pingry, culminating in an 8-4 win. The match underscored Ridgewood's tactical prowess and team cohesion, propelling them to a significant victory in this high-stakes lacrosse battle.