One on One with Zach Crotchfelt

I had the pleasure of getting to talk to one of New Jersey’s best pitchers at the high school level, Zach Crotchfelt, an Auburn commit and current Jackson Memorial High School southpaw. As of right now the LHP averages about 12 Ks a game and has only let up 2 runs in his 4 appearances. As he looks to put a cap on a top-notch high school career, we got a chance to speak about his life around baseball. 

Why Auburn?:

I really liked the environment on the campus and the coaches made me feel at home. It’s about 16 hours away from home so it’s not that bad of a distance. It’s a choice that I’m very grateful for making. 


What major are you planning to pursue at Auburn?:

Kinesiology. It’s the study of how the body moves and works essentially. As I learn how my body moves in my baseball career it’s something I want to study further in school. Another reason I got into kinesiology was watching Trevor Bauer’s breakdowns of pitching mechanics which also furthered my interest


What were your top colleges in the recruiting process?:

The recruitment process really picked up after my freshman year. I had colleges like Boston College, Florida State, Maryland, and Auburn really looking at me. My final 3 choices came down to Maryland, Auburn, and Florida State and as you all know I chose Auburn at the end of the day. 


What are some of your best travel ball or high school experiences?:

The Last Dance 2020 Tournament is probably my most memorable high school experience. Getting to play somewhat of a season/tournament with my high school teammates despite the official season being canceled due to the pandemic was a fun time. Unfortunately we lost to Cranford but getting to play in general was a blessing. My most memorable experience from travel ball was just getting to play with guys I normally didn’t play with in high school and traveling around the country getting to play against some of the nation’s best. 

What are your expectations in the backstretch of the season?:

As we hit the backend of the season after the Thank You Classic our goal is to win as many games as possible and make a deep run in June. 


What has been one of the toughest parts of your baseball career?:

The toughest thing I’ve probably had to do in my whole career is turning down a shot to play in front of my dream school LSU at a showcase in Louisiana. At the time I was in the process of going through the trials of making Team USA. I was so hellbent on playing for my country and representing Team USA that I turned that opportunity down. Unfortunately the next year the trials and games to play for Team USA were canceled due to the pandemic. It wasn’t all for nothing though, I think “what if this happened for a reason and I was meant to end up at Auburn?”. Who knows how things would have gone if LSU recruited me but I am more than happy with my decision on where to play at the next level. 

What do you feel was the biggest thing you developed in your career?:

My biggest area of development I feel is my motivation and competitiveness. Growing up I had a lot of naysayers and I decided that I would make it my goal to prove them all one level at a time. I’m glad I have my teammate Charlie Meglio by my side because he’s my day 1 guy and has supported me the whole way since the beginning. 

Do you have a message to anyone reading this article?:

Yes, I do. It is not taylor ham, it’s pork roll!!