Old Bridge Prevails Over Red Bank Catholic in Autism Awareness Challenge

The Autism Awareness Challenge in North Brunswick witnessed a compelling clash as Old Bridge toppled Red Bank Catholic, the 19th ranked powerhouse, in a statement-making victory. Old Bridge’s tenacity shined through, finishing strong with a 6-3 triumph.

From the get-go, Old Bridge demonstrated their readiness. John Smith was pivotal from the start, delivering two hits that brought in two RBIs, setting a solid foundation for the Knights. Old Bridge laid down their marker, pushing ahead with skillful plays and strategic batting.

The energy intensified as Frank Papeo stepped up to the plate, not only delivering a home run but also proving instrumental on the mound. As innings progressed, Papeo's home run became a symbol of Old Bridge’s offensive prowess. The Knights maintained their lead, keeping Red Bank Catholic at bay with consistent pitching and defense.

Closing the game required nerves of steel, and Justin Hascup rose to the occasion. Dominating the hill for over six innings, Hascup was relentless, striking out eight and securing his third win of the spring. His prowess wasn’t limited to pitching; Hascup also contributed two critical hits, underscoring his all-around capability.

The spotlight shone brightly on Old Bridge's John Smith, whose early RBIs laid the groundwork for victory. Justin Hascup's dual-role performance was nothing short of stellar, contributing significantly to the win.

For Red Bank Catholic, the day’s standouts, Dylan Passo and Charlie Stumberger, offered glimpses of hope with their hits and RBI, showcasing the tenacity that has kept them high in the rankings despite the day's result.

As Old Bridge marches on with a fortified record of 9-2, and Red Bank Catholic regroups to maintain their standing at 6-4, both teams can reflect on a game that was not only about baseball but also about coming together for a cause greater than the sport. They’ll carry forward the spirit of competition and community that defines the Autism Awareness Challenge.