Newark Tech Dominates Glen Ridge in Route to Another Sectional Finals

As the teams warmed up, the air in the gym was electric with anticipation. Newark Tech had their game faces on, ready to display their hardwood prowess. Glen Ridge, a formidable opponent, was prepared to give it their all.

The opening quarter started off slow as both teams looked to find their rhythm. A few missed shots and early defense held both teams to under 10. As the second quarter unfolded, Newark Tech's offense caught fire, with Bragg and Rodney Tullis making pivotal plays that extended their lead. By halftime, the scoreline read a comfortable 21-13 in favor of Newark Tech. 

The third quarter saw Newark Tech tighten their defense, translating steals into fast breaks and points on the board. Tullis, with his quick hands, amassed four steals on the night, disrupting Glen Ridge's rhythm. Jalen Baker also became a big threat in the paint making key plays on both ends of the floor. The Terriers outscored Glen Ridge 21-6 and formed a sizable lead. 

As the final quarter commenced, Newark Tech was locked in and ready to close it out. With the lead continuing to grow this game was out of sight the Ridgers season was nearing its end. Ryan Law of Glen Ridge fought hard, scoring 10 points on the night, but Newark Tech's defense proved too much. The closing minutes ticked by with Newark Tech maintaining control, cruising to a 58-29 victory.

Newark Tech's triumph was a team effort, with all players being involved in each aspect of the game. With this win, they advanced confidently, ready for a rematch of last year's sectional final against Hoboken. The Terriers will look to defend their crown in enemy territory this Saturday.