Mountain Lakes Triumphs in Tactical Showcase at New Jersey Group 1 Championship

photo by: Anthony Ferrara (@af.visualsss) 

Mountain Lakes Shows Dominance in Opening Quarter of Group 1 Championship

In a thrilling start to the New Jersey Group 1 Championship game at Piscataway, N.J., Mountain Lakes has set a strong pace against Glassboro. The kickoff saw Damere Lassiter of Glassboro kick the ball off to Mountain Lakes for 31 yards, but the team's initial momentum was quickly stifled by a robust Glassboro defense.

Glassboro's offensive efforts, led by Dominic and Davon Barr, struggled to make significant headway against the Mountain Lakes defense. The first quarter was marked by a series of plays that saw Glassboro inching forward but ultimately failing to score. On the other hand, Mountain Lakes showcased a strategic play with a mixture of rushes by Ian Redzepagic and Jordan Hernando, but the highlight came when Aidan Malnati rushed it in for a touchdown.

The first quarter concluded with Mountain Lakes leading 7-0, courtesy of a successful extra point kick by Matt Shertzer. Glassboro. 


Mountain Lakes Maintains Lead Over Glassboro Through Second Quarter

The second quarter of the New Jersey Group 1 Championship continued to see Mountain Lakes holding their ground firmly against Glassboro. Glassboro's efforts to break through the defense began with a promising 53-yard pass from Foster to  Sabb, but the drive was ultimately unsuccessful.

Mountain Lakes continued their offensive strategy with consistent rushing plays, but Glassboro's defense held strong, preventing any significant gains. A crucial moment came when Glassboro's Foster threw an incomplete pass, intended for Saab, on a 4th and 1, that would given them a fresh set of downs on the Mountain Lakes 30 yard line. 

Penalties seemed to be a recurring issue for both teams, with Mountain Lakes also incurring a setback due to a holding call. Despite these challenges, the quarter was marked by strong defensive plays, which helped neutralize Glassboro's offensive attempts

The quarter concluded without any additional points scored, leaving Mountain Lakes with a 7-0 lead over Glassboro. The championship game's intensity was palpable, with each team showcasing big plays, yet Mountain Lakes' early touchdown remained the differentiating factor as the teams headed into halftime.


Mountain Lakes Extends Lead in Third Quarter Against Glassboro

As the third quarter unfolded at the New Jersey Group 1 Championship, Mountain Lakes extended their lead over Glassboro. The quarter began with Sabb returning the kickoff for 12 yards. Glassboro's drive was cut short, as they started the 2nd half with a 3 and out.

Mountain Lakes took over with a series of rushing plays. Redzepagic and Hernando steadily advanced the ball, with Hernando notably rushing for 8 yards to the GB34. The drive culminated in a successful field goal by Matt Shertzer, pushing Mountain Lakes further ahead to a 10-0 lead.

Glassboro's offense made several attempts to move down the field but continued to face challenges breaking through Mountain Lakes' defense. Glassboro's drive was hindered by a sack and a subsequent incomplete pass, leading to a turnover on downs.

Mountain Lakes' defense remained impenetrable for the whole quarter. Glassboro's defense also stepped up, preventing any further scoring for the rest of the quarter.

The third quarter ended with Mountain Lakes leading Glassboro 10-0, after a quarter that showcased Mountain Lakes' ability to capitalize on opportunities and Glassboro's continued struggle to find their rhythm on offense.


Mountain Lakes Secures Victory with Strong Fourth Quarter Performance

In the final quarter of the New Jersey Group 1 Championship, Mountain Lakes clinched their victory over Glassboro with a commanding performance. The quarter started with Glassboro in possession, but ultimately ended up in the hands of Mountian Lakes, as Marco Dzamba forced a fumble and scooped it up for a touchdown. Lakes extended the lead to 16-0

Mountain Lakes then took control of the ball by forcing a fumble on a Glassboro punt return, giving them field position ay the Glassboro 20 yard line. Lakes took advantage of their field position with a 12 yard TD run by Hernando, expanding Mountain Lakes' lead to 24-0 after a Dzamba

Glassboro, facing a significant deficit, attempted to respond. Foster's passes found their targets, but the Mountain Lakes' defense stood tall, forcing turnovers and stifling Glassboro's hopes. Foster's connection with Sabb for 14 yards showed potential, but it was not enough to alter the course of the game.

The final minutes saw Glassboro's determination as they finally broke through with a 37-yard pass to Damere Lassiter. Yet, time was not on their side, and as the clock wound down, Mountain Lakes emerged victorious with a 24-7 lead, securing the championship title.