Michai White Is Growing His Brand on and off the Court

Since sports became popular in our country, athletes and the media have always been separate entities. Usually, competitors will go and perform and then the media will await for them after the game is over and ask them questions. But in recent years, athletes have taken the initiative to become their own media, which has translated to a new wave of sports personalities becoming some of the hottest topics around the internet.

In New Jersey, we are in the midst of having our own next dual threat. Michai White, a point guard in the class of 2028, has the potential to be the next five star to come out of the Garden State. White, who already has the ability to score and get his teammates involved at an early age, is the prototype of what it means to be a great basketball player. White’s skills have already dazzled thousands of people through his play with the New York Renaissance EYBL program. Along with this, White has a new podcast named “Beyond the Bounce” that talks about topics both in and outside the court.White is joined by Chris Rivers, who is apart of the management of the Excel Sports marketing agency.

At White’s young age, he has already done so much that a typical 14 year old kid has not done so far. Whether it has been auditioning for films and being the star of numerous shows, White has been through various projects that only a select few people have done in their lifetime. This is all because of White’s mother, Squeaky Moore. Moore has worked in tv production for many years, which allowed her to be the backbone of White’s young career thus far.

“I have been a storyteller all my life, “ Moore said. I started acting when I was 11, which translated to me doing television commercials and theatre. When I started to get a little older I then made it a career to do different forms of writing, producing and directing.”

With Moore’s background in production, she had let White star in some of her own films that she has made. Being a natural talent in front of the camera, numerous people took note of White’s skills, including Lebron James, who invited White to do an in person audition for a movie back in 2019.

Though White has many things that he can one day be famous for, he has made it clear that basketball remains his main passion, and that he will stop at nothing to be amongst some of the greats of the game.

“Whenever I’m not playing, I make sure that I’m studying film,” White said. “I usually like watching Shai Gilgeous-Alexander and Rob Dillingham, because of the freedom that they play with while also being skilled the way they are.”

Having the balance that White has at 14 years old is rare for someone that young. It is even more rare for someone his age to help those around him that may have not have the same amount of knowledge that he does. But if you haven’t noticed by now through reading this article, White is just a different kid. He is willing to share with his peers and also kids who may look up to him.

“If I were to give advice to someone, I would say to go explore and don’t be cooped up to one thing. You have the freedom to do whatever you want and if you don’t like something, try something else. Staying open minded will keep you motivated to achieve the goals you ultimately want to set.”

Make sure you guys stay tuned on Michai’s podcast and stay focused on his career because he will be successful one day.