Mainland's Defense Suffocates Ramapo in a One Sided Blowout for the Group 4 Championship

photo by: Anthony Ferrara (@af.visualsss)

Mainland Rolls on Offense in Opening Quarter of Group 4 Championship

The New Jersey Group 4 Championship game saw Mainland square off against Ramapo at SHI Staidum. The first quarter was an electrifying exposition of tactical plays and athletic excellence.

The game kicked off with Mainland dominating the quarter. Mainland's offense was on full display with a variety of plays, including the first touchdown of the game, which was a connection for 29 yards from QB John Franchini to WR Rocco DeBiaso. Rampo's Offense, led by QB Landon Deprima, attempted to counter with a series of passes, but the Mainland defense kept them at bay.

Another highlight of the quarter was Mainland's second touchdown, an exciting climax to a drive that included a 28-yard rush by Stephen Ordille that brought the crowd to its feet. Mainland's defense was just as impressive, sacking Ramapo's Deprima and keeping the pressure high throughout.

By the end of the first quarter, Mainland had established a formidable lead with a score of 14-0, showcasing their offensive agility and defensive solidity. The statistics reflected Mainland's dominance, with 96 total offensive yards compared to Ramapo's 55. Mainland's balanced attack featured 41 rushing yards and 55 passing yards, emphasizing their dual-threat capability.

 Mainland's Offense Explodes to Maintain Lead Over Ramapo Through Second Quarter

During the second quarter of the New Jersey Group 4 Championship, Mainland continued their first-quarter momentum. Cohen Cook heavily contributed to Mainland's first drive of the second quarter. Cook scurried for an impressive 34 yard run, and capped off the drive with a 7 yard rushing touchdown. On the next drive, Ordille addded to the lead with a 23 yard rushing TD.

Ramapo put together a long drive with a few big plays, including a 15 yard rush by Deprima, however, the Raiders weren't able to covert the drive to points. After Mainland got the ball back from a failed 4th down conversion, Cook broke out for a 47 yard run. This set up a Jamie Tyson 17-yard receiving TD to extend Mainland's impressive lead. 

Just as we thought Mainland was done scoring for the quarter, Jamie Tyson snags the ball out the air on the first play of the drive, intercepting Ramapo's Deprima. This set up their fourth and final touchdown of the half, by way of a 5 yard rushing TD by Cohen Cook. The Mustangs held an absurd lead of 42-0 going into halftime.

Mainland Extends Lead in Third Quarter Against Ramapo

In the third quarter Mainland's momentum showed no signs of waning, as they continued their relentless march against Ramapo. They began the quarter with the ball and showed no signs of slowing down. After a long drive that took longer than 8 minutes, they cashed in on their opportunity by way of a rushing TD from Rocco DeBiaso. 

Ramapo, in their attempt to salvage the game, continued to struggle against a formidable Mainland defense. Landon Deprima's passes found their mark at times, but the Ramapo offense couldn't find the end zone. What could have been a promising drive, was cut short by an interception from Mainland's Jake Blum.

By the end of the third quarter, Mainland had established a near-insurmountable lead of 49-0. The quarter's play left Ramapo in a dire position, with only one quarter left to make a significant impact on the game. The stats from the third quarter reflected Mainland's domination, with their offense accumulating substantial rushing yards while their defense kept Ramapo's passing and rushing attempts to a minimum.

Mainland Allows 0 Yards in the Fourth Quarter 

On the first play of the fourth quarter, Ordille busted a 48 yard rushing touch down, capitalizing on the turnover the defensed forced. The rest of the quarter was more of the same. Mainlands defense didn't let up a single yard in the quarter, leaving Ramapo with -7 total yards in the fourth. 

As the final whistle blew at the New Jersey Group 4 Championship game, Mainland emerged victorious with a commanding performance over Ramapo. Throughout the game, Mainland's offense was unstoppable, showcasing a dynamic and strategic rushing attack complemented by a passing game that kept the Ramapo defense guessing. Mainland's defense was a fortress, stifling Ramapo's efforts at every turn and maintaining a shutout.