Griffin Linstra Leads Manasquan to a Remarkable Victory Over East Orange

In a stunning display of high school basketball prowess on January 29, 2024, Manasquan's Griffin Linstra delivered a remarkable performance that propelled his team to an impressive upset over East Orange, a top 20 ranked team. Linstra's 24-point game was the cornerstone of Manasquan's strategy, leading them to a well-earned victory.

The game began with Manasquan asserting their dominance early on, as they raced out to a significant lead, ending the first half ahead at 33-15. The team's ability to jump ahead early was crucial, as it set the tone for the rest of the matchup, allowing them some comfort against a formidable opponent.

East Orange, not to be underestimated, showcased resilience by narrowing the gap as the fourth quarter began. An explosive final period saw them add 25 points to their score, a testament to their offensive capabilities and determination to battle until the final buzzer.

Despite the late-game heroics from East Orange, Manasquan maintained their composure and added 16 critical points in the fourth quarter, ensuring they kept their lead intact until the end. Linstra, supported by his teammates, played a pivotal role in thwarting the comeback attempt from East Orange.

The game was highlighted by noteworthy performances on both sides. Luke Roy’s defensive efforts for Manasquan, including 5 steals, were just as crucial as Linstra's scoring in securing this victory. East Orange's Eugene Byass put up a valiant 20 points and managed to secure 3 steals, reflecting the competitive spirit of his team.