Jacob Canton: Shining Star in Freshman Debut

It is not an everyday thing to see a freshman start for a varsity high school basketball team. It is even rarer to see a freshman instantly explode on the scene and become one of the most talented players in the state.This is the case for Rutgers prep guard Jacob Canton is solidifying himself as one of the best players in the state as we count down to the playoffs. Averaging 16 points per game so far in the season and already displaying leadership for the Argonauts, Canton is on the verge of being a promising prospect for years to come.

When you are as talented as Canton is, there is a level of work that has to be put in that can allow you to compete with the better players in the state. Canton would learn this from his older brother as he would train Canton as a little kid. Now as a teenager and starting point guard, Canton has developed a tireless work ethic, which is vital when facing the best competition in the state means little to him due to his preparation.

“Before the season started, I would work out before and after school. Now since my team and I are in the middle of the season, I usually try to get a workout everyday after practice. I feel like that is the best way to keep me ahead of most players my age.”

With the work that Canton constantly puts in, it has allowed him to have a plentiful amount of great performances against some of NJ’s best. One of these notable games came up against St. Rose, one of the premier programs in the state and a candidate to win state. In this game, Canton would drop 23 points and add seven rebounds and seven assists.

“The game against St. Rose gave me a lot of confidence because I showed myself that I can play well against great teams. That game allowed me to know that whenever I step on the court, I can be a great contributor to my team no matter the circumstances.”

With many more great performances so far in the season, Canton has proven that he is able to score in a variety of ways that is not common for someone his age. Standing at 6’2, Canton possesses an ability to get to the rim at will while also being able to shoot off the dribble. Along with adding supreme athleticism, defenders usually come up short while trying to defend Canton.

Canton’s abilities did not just come from working out, though. Also being a student of the game, Canton makes sure to watch films on his favorite players whenever he can.

“As a small guard, I like to watch players like Kyrie Irving and Sharife Cooper. This is because they are both able to dominate the game even though they are shorter than most of the people they play against. I want to incorporate some of their moves to my game so I can hopefully get to the level they are at one day.”

Make sure you keep an eye on Jacob Canton as the state playoffs lingers around the corner. With the level he is playing at, it won’t be a surprise if Rutgers Prep can be a contending team going forward.