Freehold Borough's Playoff Onslaught in Group 3 Playoff Showdown

The stage was set for a basketball spectacle as Mainland and Freehold Borough squared off in the Group 3 playoff game. The stakes were high, the energy palpable, and the players ready to bring it all the way home with just two more wins. 

The opening quarter saw Freehold Borough come out sizzling. Brian Tassey and Aidan Hamlin-Woolfolk were relentless, their aggressive play netting three treys and driving the pace. Christian DiGiso was a playmaker personified, orchestrating on both ends of the court. By the quarter's end, Freehold Borough had a commanding 23-7 lead. Freehold Borough's early dominance set the tone, but Mainland showed their mettle. Stephen Ordille's sharpshooting and Cohen Cook's relentless baskets gave the Mustangs much needed hope. 

As the second half began, Cohen Cook kept the Mustangs alive with an impressive early run, to continue chipping away at the lead. Freehold's dynamic duo, DiGiso and Hamlin-Woolfolk, didn't relent, combining for 7 quick points and ensuring their team kept the scoreboard ticking. Quamir Everett landed back-to-back dunks, including an alley-oop, that electrified the gym giving Freehold an 11 point lead at the end of the third. 

The tension was palpable as Cook and Ordille immediately reduced the deficit to six. Mainland, buoyed by their defensive efforts, caused turnovers, preventing Freehold from scoring. Both teams exchanged shots early in the fourth. Ordille's hit a huge three at the 3:30 mark, cutting the lead to four. He the went on to hit another crucial three at the 60-second mark that cut  the lead to two. Both teams continued to battle but Freehold stayed composed, closing out the win with a final score of 73-68.

Mainland may not have emerged victorious, but Cohen Cook's performance was one for the history books. On the other side, the collective efforts of Tassey, DiGiso, and Hamlin-Woolfolk exemplified teamwork and the ability to perform under pressure. The Colonials will go on to play Ramapo for the Group 3 Championship this weekend at RWJ Arena.