Darius Adams: Manasquan’s Sophomore Superstar

Manasquan High School, who is 17-3 on the season, has been playing great basketball so far against many good teams in New Jersey. Additionally to having good role players and a great system, the Warriors have been led by sophomore Darius Adams, who is growing into one of the most notable players in the state. Averaging 18 points through 19 games, Adams’ stellar season has been the result of hard work and the love of his family.

Adams’ family features several successful basketball players that have done their part in helping him improve his game, especially his father.

“My dad played college basketball and overseas in his day,” Adams expressed. “Because of his experience and knowledge of the game, being a part of his AAU team when I was younger, watching basketball, and doing his drills when I practiced have definitely helped me grow.”

With the help of his father, not only has he been able to improve greatly, but also his sisters, especially UNC Tar Heel guard Destiny Adams. Continuous hard work has allowed Adams to be regarded as a great shot maker with superior ball handling ability and poise on the court. These particular skills at Adams’ age sets him at an advanced stage that separates him from many of his peers.

Adams’ father also helped him build a consistent routine that he follows every single day. This routine was developed to keep Adam’s play style sharp so he can perform well during games.

“My everyday routine consists of shooting and putting up shots with my trainer after team practice,” Adams said. “Right now, I am still unhappy with certain things I have done on the court, so I am eager to continue with my routine so I can fix those weaknesses to help my game.”

In terms of Manasquan, though, Adams is very appreciative of having a team of this caliber to play with. Because of this trust, Adams has high expectations going forward in the season for himself and his teammates.

“I have great teammates and a great coach, so I believe the sky's the limit,” Adams said. “Going forward, I want to win every game that we have left, win the Shore Conference, and be a force in the state. I think that we have the will and chemistry to get all of these things done.”

With Adams’ attitude towards his team and his own game, it is highly likely that Manasquan will continue to have success in the season. What makes great players and great teams special is their approach to the game, and Darius Adams and Manasquan pass that test with flying colors.