Cranford Advances in Union County Tournament with Win Over Plainfield

The Union County Tournament quarterfinals witnessed a riveting clash as Cranford, with a solid 2024 season, took on a red-hot Plainfield team coming off impressive victories over Linden (2x) and Elizabeth. Despite Plainfield's recent form, it was Cranford who triumphed with a 62-54 win.

The game started off fiercely at the Dunn Center on Saturday afternoon, with Plainfield showcasing the fire that had seen them topple giants in recent games. However, Cranford's composed gameplay shone through as they put up 12 points to Plainfield's 13 in the first quarter, hinting at the tight battle to follow.

Cranford took control in the second quarter, outscoring Plainfield by a significant margin. Their 23 points to Plainfield's 11 demonstrated a shift in momentum that would set the tone for the rest of the game. The Cougars were found good rhythm moving the ball around as scores from Chase Teel, Nick Amitie, and Josh Ketschke kept them above. Plainfield surged back in the third quarter, Cranford's early lead proved insurmountable. The Cardinals has scoring spurts that helped close the gap, but Cranford defense would then lock in while their offense answered back. Both teams went back and forth in the last quarter, but the lead was too big to cover. 

Nick Amitie emerged as the hero for Cranford, amassing an incredible 32 points and dominating the boards with 14 rebounds. His standout performance was the cornerstone of Cranford's success, as he seemed to be everywhere on the court, impacting every facet of the game. Chase Teel also made significant contributions with 12 points, while Josh Ketschke added 11 points, ensuring that Cranford's offense clicked throughout the game.