Cape-Atlantic Players To Watch (2022 Softball Season)

The Cape-Atlantic League is absolutely LOADED with talent. These girls are looking to take their hot bats from last year into this year as well as the pitchers who are looking to continue racking up Ks!

  • Katie Dainton (Sr.) St. Joe’s Hammonton- INF
  • Xelynn Conde (Sr.) St. Joe’s Hammonton- INF
  • Macie Jacquet (Jr.) St. Joe’s Hammonton- C/INF
  • Madison Biddle (Jr.) Egg Harbor Township- INF
  • Kayla Dollard (Sr.) Egg Harbor Township- OF
  • Ryley Martini (Sr.) Egg Harbor Township- C/INF
  • Natalie Stewart (Jr.) Egg Harbor Township- OF/INF
  • Sienna Walterson (So.) Egg Harbor Township- C
  • Brooke Grover-Illas (Sr.) Ocean City- C
  • MacKenzee Segich (Jr.) Ocean City- OF
  • Olivia Catalina (Sr.) Cedar Creek- 
  • Chanel Johnson (Jr.) Cedar Creek- 
  • Chasedy Johnson (Sr.) Cedar Creek- 
  • Liz Martin (So.) Cedar Creek- P
  • Emily Felice (Sr.) Millville- INF/C
  • Brooke Joslin (So.) Millville- OF/INF
  • Olivia Stetler (Sr.) Millville- INF/C
  • Emma Douglas (So.) Our Lady of Mercy- P/INF
  • Maggie Douglas (Sr.) Our Lady of Mercy- C
  • Ava Divello (Jr.) Hammonton- OF/INF
  • Riley Lancaster (Jr.) Hammonton- OF
  • Ava Livingston (Jr.) Hammonton- C
  • Alexa Panagopoylos (Jr.)- Hammonton- INF
  • Krista Tzaferos (Sr.) Hammonton- INF
  • Kendal Bryant (Sr.) Buena- INF
  • Madison Hand (Sr.) Buena- INF
  • Emily D’Ottavino (Sr.) Buena- P

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