Battle Between Falcons: St. Joe's Metuchen Secures Victory Over Monroe

The St. Joseph Falcons, playing at home, displayed an impressive team effort to secure a 53-46 victory over Monroe. Rodrigues's standout performance was part of a collective endeavor that saw four players scoring in double figures. This group effort underscored the depth of the Falcons' roster and their ability to spread the offensive load—a key factor in their ninth win in eleven games.

The game's tempo was set from the first whistle, and Monroe was not to be underestimated. The (visitor) Falcons established an early lead and their offense looked smooth. A few baskets from Myles Marabuto, Nick Cicchetti, and Brody Piscitelli, allowed them to grab a comfortable lead in the first half. St. Joe's started to pick up, but they were still looking for a rhythm. As the final seconds closed out, the (home) Falcons threw a sideline oop for a buzzer beater, cutting the lead to 5. 

In the second half, we began to see Joe's kick it up a notch. As the inbound started things off, the (home) Falcons came out firing. The entire team had a hot hand as the 3-ball became a success factor. Ryan Rodrigues and Jeremy Clayville lead the attack and put pressure on Monroe's defense. Marabuto tried to keep Monroe alive, but each miss was capitalized upon from the red hot St. Joe's offense. As the third quarter came to an end, Joe's ran to a lead of 40-36.

The fourth quarter was a back and forth affair until Clayville hit a floater putting them up 4 with under two minutes left. From that point on, the team just had to manage the same. After a few fouls and made shots from Monroe, the game concluded with a score of 53-46. 

Ryan Rodrigues's standout 16 points led all scorers, a pivotal contribution to the team's victory. Jeremy Clayville's 13 points proved his consistent presence, while Dave Caruso and Owen Griffin added 11 and 10 points respectively, showcasing the depth of the Falcons' offensive capabilities. On the Monroe side, Myles Marabuto's 13 points paced his team, with Brody Piscitelli contributing 9 points and Mark Lauchery adding another 6 to the tally.